Pay less to live your best.


Life insurance designed to enable and reward you on your journey to better health. 


PHR Plus is partnering with the biggest insurance carriers and reinsurance companies in the country to bring you affordable life insurance you can trust. These life insurance products will actually reward you for healthy behaviors! We're enabling you with the technology and tools you need to live your healthiest life, no matter where you're starting from.

Life insurance - designed specifically for you

-Jonica Crumley

Release Manager, WSRS

Health is the new wealth in life insurance

When you participate in 'pay as you live' life insurance with PHR Plus and our Carrier Partners, you'll get the tools you need to manage your health and get rewarded for healthy behaviors
Some examples include online tools, discount programs, helpful articles, recommendations, recipes, and challenges that are curated based on your particular conditions and wellness goals. PHR Plus has science-based recommendations to integrate wellness into daily life, and life insurance carriers offer you discounts to reward you for your healthy lifestyle.
“This works both ways, I'm less likely to die and you keep the premiums. Keep the program going indefinitely!!! (Just don't raise the premiums.)”
Customer Testimonial, OnePath Life Insurance

You're Working on ImprovingYour Health 

You might have a few health problems, you might have a couple of pounds to lose... who doesn't?! With typical life insurance, when you go through initial underwriting your rate is inflated and you are locking it in for 15-30 years. 

You are focused on improving your health and you should get a break as you make improvements.

We want to help

Discounts & Incentives

Built Into Your Pricing

You deserve it

You can receive annual discounts for hitting your health goals! You're making improvements to your lifestyle and we take a data-driven approach to make sure your rate changes as well. Your rate can never exceed the initial premium, it can only go down each year. 

Plus, you'll receive cash vouchers, prizes, and discounts on health products along the way.


Make Progress on Your Wellness Journey

When you participate in a 'pay as you live' life insurance product with PHR Plus we're focused on helping you live your best life. And you'll have the tools and resources to help get you there. We've helped customers lose weight, improve chronic conditions, and manage their stress. 

Be in tune with your health and take advantage of the tools ane resources at your disposal.

Be your best